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Katherine BaqlehVariety is the spice of life

Katherine Baqleh –

Variety is the spice of life. Aim for plenty of colour in all meals, enjoy 3-5meals daily, drink plenty of water, choose wholegrains and ignore the food fads and food myths. There are no foods that you should avoid, and any diet that tells you to omit particular foods or food groups is not always correct. Bananas are a great fruit that are high in fibre, eating 6 eggs per week offers a great source of protein and numerous vitamins and minerals, avocado and a daily handful of unsalted nuts are a great source of healthy fats, and dairy is the best source of calcium and vit D for strong bones and teeth. Deprivation doesn’t work so enjoy every single food mindfully for a sustainable way of eating and more enjoyable living.

Jacinda Meiklejohn - BPhEd, AEPDevelop respect, love & acceptance for yourself

Jacinda Meiklejohn BPhEd, AEP – www.jacindaw.comTwitter

My most powerful tip that supports me everyday to live a healthy life is developing and cultivating a deep level of self-respect, love and acceptance for myself. What exactly does this mean? Learning to accept yourself right here and now where you are, in your highs and lows, in your strength and weakness. Providing love and kindess to yourself in the moments where you may judge, blame, beat yourself up or feel guilty. And then from this space, loving and respecting yourself enough to make empowering choices that reflect the healthy vision you have for your life and the love you have within to truly nourish, nurture and provide kindness for yourself. Having a loving and respectful relationship with yourself allows you to consciously make healthy choices that align with your vision of what a healthy life means to you.

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